Virginia & Robert Mehr
Jewett, Ohio
Robin Reed & Ron Luster Jr
Blairstown, New Jersey
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Creekwood Chocolate Chip
Ch. Galatean A Good River Runs Through CH Riverrun Lion Heart CH Fleur-De-Lis Secret Weapon ROM CH Fantasy\'s Bronze Talisman ROM Ch
CH Fantasy\'s Cover Girl ROM
CH Fantasy\'s Spice Girl ROM CH Fantasy\'s Fortune in Bronze
Ch Bo-Dandy\'s Asit Spumanti
CH Riverrun Lion Song CH Long Acre the Lion\'s Share CD OA NAJ AM/Can CH Galatean Dance with the Lion
CH Fantasy\'s Finder\'s Keepers ROM
CH Raptorvale Riverrun Rainsong CH Fantasy\'s Bronze Talisman ROM
Ratorvale Tennessee Hills
Galatean A Good Turn Galatean X Marks the Spot CH Orion\'s Sundance AM/Can CH Fantasy Mariner Achorman
CH Vennessee\'s Dynamite
Galatean Sudden Suprise CH Starr\'s Cracker Jack
AM/Can CH Galatean Oh My Gosh!
CH Galatean A Little Goodbye CH Orion\'s Sundance Am/Can CH Fantasy Mariner Anchorman
CH Vennessee\'s Dynamite
CH Sylvan Galatean Double Delight CH Carnwath\'s Beat it
CH Carnwath\'s Twice as Nice
Creekwood Pleasant Acre Hollywood Gossip
Mahog Sable Rough
CH Kirkhaven Sandman Dream Chaser CH Timeless Golden Warrior ROM CH Marnus Golden Ruler ROM CH Overland Everlasting II
Marnus Golden Rule
CH Oak Knolls Timeless Reflection ROM CH HIghcroft Oak Knoll Trition RM
CH Timeless Over Energized ROM
CH Kirkhaven Annie Get Your Gun
Sable & White
CH Devinwood Hi Plains Marshall CH Twin Oaks High Plains Drifter
Twin Oaks Dance With Me
CH Kirkhaven Evening Star CH Kirkhaven Chain Reaction
Kirkhaven The Next Phase
Pleasant Acre Genuine Risk Tri Rough CH Fantasy\'s Rising Dragon ROM CH Fleur-De-Lis\'s Secret Weapon CH Fantasy\'s Bronze Talisman
CH Fantasy\'s Spice Girl
CH Fantasy\'s Key To My Heart CH Countryview Camouflage
CH Long Acre\'s No Doubt ROM CH Galatean Dance with the Lion AM/Can CH Alfenlock Masterpiece
Galatean Storm in a Teacup HC
CH Fantasy\'s Finders Keepers CH Fantasy\'s Bronze Tailiman ROM
Fantasy\'s Fallen Angel
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