Virginia & Robert Mehr
Jewett, Ohio
Robin Reed & Ron Luster Jr
Blairstown, New Jersey
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We are very proud of our dogs. We don't breed to sell our dogs as an income. Every litter we have has been carefully planned and thought out for our next show dog. We are always striving to breed as close to the Collie standard as possible. That being said, since there are usually only 1 or 2 out of the litter that will make it to the show ring, we make it a priority to breed and raise happy, healthy well adjusted dogs that we are equally proud to place in pet homes.  

There is nothing that makes us happier than when we receive a letter, or email and pictures of how the puppies are turning out. We encourage owners to keep in contact with us throughout the dogs lives. We like to know the good and bad. As we only keep 1 or 2 puppies from the litter, it's important for us to know if something happens to them as they get older. Although, some things we can't genetically control, we certainly don't want to breed unhealthy dogs that end up with problems and don't live to a healthy ripe old age. 

Before they are ready to go, they will have their eye's checked and be up to date on shots and de-worming. We don't let them go until they are at least 8-10 weeks old. 
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UPDATED 07/23/2021
We have a few older retired show dogs that we will be placing.  If interested in, please email 
We currently have several litters we co-own that will soon to be available.  One is all Tri's (1 smooth girl, 2 rough girls, 1 rough boy).  The other litter has all smooths (tris and sables).  Another litter has smooth and roughs sable, sable merle and blue merle.  
Theses won't be ready to go until they are at least 8 weeks old and have had their health and eye checks done at the end of July/beginning of August.  
We co-own these litters and have to wait for other co-owners and ourselves to make our picks before we can offer the other puppies.